Product Lines

HVAC Equipment

Tempeff Heat Recovery
   Dual Core energy recovery ventilation equipment, 90% efficiency.

Silent-Aire Manufacturing Inc
   Custom air handling equipment. Turning complex HVAC challenges into creative solutions.

ClimateWorx International
   Precision air conditioning for server rooms and data centres.

Griswold Valves
   Pressure independent actuated control valves and automatic flow control products.

Runtal Radiators
   Architectural steel radiators and towel warmers.

Twa Radiant Panels
   Hydronic Radiant Ceiling Panels, Radiant Sails, Chilled Beams.

Sterling Hydronic Heating
   Hot Water Wall-fin, Convectors, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters.

   Electric - Baseboards, Convectors, Infrared, Unit Heaters, Wall/Ceiling Heaters, Thermostats.

Riverside Boilers
   High-end medium-mass boilers.

Water Heating Solutions

PVI Water Heaters
   High efficiency, long life water heaters & storage tanks made with AquaPlex stainless steel.

Hubbell Water Heaters
   Hydrastone cement lined water heaters & storage tanks, electric instantaneous, heat-pump water heaters, pre-packaged water heating skids.

Kingspan Solar
   Complete solar thermal packages using evacuated tube collectors or flat panel solar technology.


   Hydronic Flow Meters, BTU Meters, Steam Meters, Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters.

   Thermal dispersion airflow measurement products.

TSI Critical Environment Controls
   Room Pressure Monitors & Controls, Fume Hood Monitors & Controls.

MSA Gas Detection
   Fixed gas & refrigerant leak detection.