Likido Industrial Heat Pumps provide heating and cooling without combustion and can replace boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. Likido ONE uses a non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly natural refrigerant that’s completely CFC and HFC-free. All Likido ONE heat pumps use carbon dioxide as the refrigerant fluid in a closed system. The heating and cooling loads are connected via secondary heat transfer fluids, usually water or glycol. Likido core technology is a novel form of heat pump technology that employs super-critical CO₂ as the working fluid, to enable the highly efficient recovery of low grade heat from air, water, or thermal waste streams, for use in high-grade heating or low-temp cooling applications.

The Likido ONE operates a trans-critical heat pump circuit with R744 (carbon dioxide) refrigerant. At the high operating pressures of R744 systems the carbon dioxide is above its critical point and behaves as a supercritical fluid in the high-pressure part of the circuit. Hence the heat output is not accompanied by a phase change and the heat exchanger is designated a gas cooler rather than a condenser.

The process as driven by a reciprocating compressor with either four or six cylinders depending on output requirements.

Likido ONE – 4: 192 kW heating | 146 kW cooling
Likido ONE – 6: 375 kW heating | 285 kW cooling