Naked Energy is a UK company that has revolutionized solar thermal with the world's highest energy density solar technology. Virtu is a direct-flow evacuated tube solar thermal collector that does not have to be installed at an upright angle to be effective. Tubes lie flat on a rooftop or façade with minimal wind loading, meaning reduced structural mounting requirements. Tubes, frames, and manifolds are supplied by Naked Energy as a cohesive package, with supporting solar thermal system components available from Riada for a complete system approach. Remote monitoring service is available to ensure a successful energy-producing system for the life of the building.

- 20% of the sun’s energy is converted to electricity by a PV cell
- 50% of global energy demand is for heat
- 80% of the sun’s energy can be captured as heat
- 300% more space needed by a PV module to achieve same same carbon savings as Vitru