Sunamp was founded in Scotland in 2005 with the goal of providing thermal storage solutions to help decarbonize building heating & cooling. Sunamp thermal batteries use PCM or phase change materials to maximize energy density compared to water tank storage. An equivalent hot water tank is approximately 4x larger than a Sunamp PCM battery for a given amount of energy storage. This is due to the efficiency of energy transfer by utilizing a phase change between liquid & solid states. With vacuum panel insulation the standby loss is also much lower than traditional hot water tanks. PCM batteries can be used for heating, cooling, or domestic hot water applications.

Storing energy for DHW can be done at lower temperatures without concern for legionella growth, which can help to utilize heat pump technology or take advantage of heat recovery applications.

For commercial applications, the Central Bank Mini can be used in place of HW or CHW buffer tanks at a quarter of the physical size.

For district energy applications, PCM's in suites on the district can help to reduce peak loads which can reduce DES equipment sizes, as well as offset the energy generation to more efficient or affordable times of day for the central plant.