Runtal Radiators are manufactured in Ward Hill, MA and are made-to-order. They are highly customizable and available in a large range of sizes and piping configurations. If aesthetics, comfort, and durability are important on your next project, consider Runtal Radiators for your hydronic terminal units. These radiators offer European styling with a comfortable radiant & convective output. Radiant heating warms people and surfaces so the air temperature can be lower with the same feeling of comfort. The flattened steel water tubes prevent flow from going laminar so they’re perfect for energy efficient low flow applications, returning the lowest water temperature possible to the boiler, heat pump, or DES. Made with powder coated cold-rolled steel, Runtal Radiators carry a 5-year warranty and will last in high traffic areas for decades. Perfect for schools, community centres, common areas, student housing, senior centres, and residences.