Electrification of your DHW plant could be as simple as specifying a water heater with a resistance element.  However, this can be expensive to operate over the long term with a utility cost of approximately 4 times that of natural gas water heating.  Heat pumps utilize the properties of refrigerant gas to move heat into the domestic water from another medium, typically either air source or water source.  These systems can have lower recovery rates so typically larger storage tanks are used along with a resistance element for final heat back-up / topup.  With our Lync, Hubbell, SHARC, and PVI product lines, we can provide a comprehensive zero emission domestic water heating package designed for your application.


The PIRANHA by SHARC Energy is an integrated wastewater recovery heat pump for domestic water heating.  It includes a refrigerant-jacketed internal wastewater holding tank, and controls to manage wastewater flow ensuring maximum COP is achieved at all times.  R513A refrigerant is used for an even lower GWP than R134A.  Sizes range from 60 to 180 MBH each, and can be utilized in multiple quantities to suit project demands.  The PIRANHA HC can switch from wastewater to closed loop hydronic source automatically, which can provide cooling to the building when required, saving load on the chiller for a combined COP effect.

Lync by Watts

The Aegis heat pump water heater by Lync uses natural CO2 / R744 refrigerant for a GWP of 1 and an ODP of 0.  Lync Aegis is available in air- and water-source, along with a combination model that is air source with ‘cool recovery’.  Essentially the heat pump can switch over to water source when there’s a demand for cooling in the building, saving load on the chiller for a combined COP effect.  Available in commercial scale sizes from 250-500 MBH.  The air source model can operate down to -20°C ambient air temperature, and provide hot water up to 82°C.  Long lasting storage tanks, backup electric water heating, and digital thermostatic mixing valves are available to complete the system.


Using R513A refrigerant, Hubbell’s air- and water-source heat pumps can provide 60°C domestic hot water to the tank array, and have a high COP within their operating range.  Sizes range from 90 to 250 MBH nominal output with air source, and from 125 to 1620 MBH with modular water source packages.  We can help size heat pump systems including Hubbell storage tanks, backup electric energy input, and PLC control to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of the system as a whole.