Along with local partners, Riada has developed turn-key rainwater harvesting packages that are pre-piped on a compact skid, ready for use in the mechanical room.  Our unique design eliminates the need for a ‘day tank’ which saves footprint, cost, and electrical energy by removing the secondary set of pumps.

Our sales engineers can help with system sizing & selection of the Riada RWH filter skid as well as peripheral components like pumps and cisterns. 

System components include the following:  

  • Auto-backwashing pre-filter
  • 5 micron particle filter
  • UV filter
  • Chlorine monitoring & injection
  • Automatic cistern recirculation cycle
  • Automatic domestic water make-up
  • Ultrasonic level sensor
  • Cistern tanks & pre-filters
  • Greywater pumping systems