Riada can help size & select rainwater harvesting packages from QuantumFlo.  There are many different configurations that can be accommodated based on project requirements, depending on whether the cistern is below or above grade, and whether there needs to be a day tank.  We can accommodate any of these system layouts and help select the best one for the job.  Initial selections include a full submittal, equipment schedule, and guide spec to help with your design.  

Comprehensive RWH systems are available that include everything from the cistern to the booster, utilizing QuantumFlo’s advanced energy efficient control.  System components can include a day tank, ultrasonic level sensors, submersible pumps, booster pumps, mechanical filters, UV filters, touch screen controller, stainless steel mounting frames, pressure sensors, city water makeup connection with interlocked valves, injection ports… even above-grade cisterns.  All components will be controlled as a package, with single-point power and BMS communication.