Riada has supplied solar thermal systems to several projects such as airports, schools, low income housing, and seniors housing.  Using the sun to heat water directly instead of generating electricity to heat water is much more efficient.  These systems make sense for projects with a high domestic water demand that are looking to minimize reliance on fossil fuels or grid power.  With solar thermal systems we need to ensure all components are sized & controlled correctly with proper domestic water storage and heat dissipation strategies in place.  Riada can help select all components in the system to offer the best solar fraction without oversizing.  Systems can include a dedicated solar controller with start up & commissioning by Riada to ensure proper long term operation of the system. 

System components selected & supplied by Riada can include solar collectors, controllers, pump & HX stations, heat rejection, solar storage tanks, final-heat water heaters, and BTU meters

Riada offers several types of solar thermal collectors depending on project requirements:

  • Evacuated Tube
    – High efficiency in colder climates & cloudier days
  • Standard Flat Plate
    – Direct-flow, more versatile installation options
  • Hybrid / PVT
    – Solar PV & solar thermal combined into one panel
    – Simultaneous electricity & hot water generation
YVR Pier D Expansion
BCIT Marine Campus
Sunstone Apartments
YVR Airside Operations Building
Shannon Mews