Using SHARC Energy systems alongside our high quality DHW storage tanks, water heaters, and heat pumps, we can offer comprehensive alternate-energy domestic water heating plants.  We are experiencing an ever-increasing demand to reduce GHG emissions in buildings, driven by code, incentives, or owner preference. The cost premium to run medium to large scale electric resistance water heaters is significant, so the energy source for domestic water heating needs to be considered Heat pump technology is being used in these situations due to its ability to offer 2-5x the efficiency of a standard resistance element by moving energy from another medium.  Air source is often the first option that comes to mind, but challenges with ASHP’s include varying outside air temperatures, frost issues, architectural concerns, and potential noise pollution to surrounding areas.  Using wastewater as a source offers seasonally consistent temperatures, and the equipment can be hidden in a mechanical room freeing up space for rooftop patios or green roof space.  It’s also recovering energy that’s already been put into that water on its way into the building, instead of letting that heat go down the drain into the environment.  

Headquartered in Vancouver BC, SHARC manufactures wastewater energy transfer equipment for single buildings or for district energies.  Wastewater is a resource that offers a tremendous source of energy for domestic hot water heating and space conditioning. The SHARC is a turnkey solution for transferring thermal energy to or from wastewater and is suitable for a broad range of applications including multi-unit residential buildings, commercial buildings, and district energy systems.   

  • Consistent source water temperatures year-round.  Wastewater has an average temperature of 21°C (70°F).   
  • Capable of high COP’s, and with addition of a factory-supplied metering package can report COP to the local display and the building management system.   
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   
  • Save roof space for green roof or rooftop patios. 
  • New R-513A refrigerant for low GWP of 573  
  • Advanced controls, factory programmed and commissioned.   

Example schematic paired with Hubbell WSHP water heaters: