Tempeff manufactures high quality energy recovery ventilators & AHU’s in Winnipeg, MB. Their core model ERV utilize Dual Core® technology that provides up to 95% sensible heat recovery without requiring a defrost strategy. The corrugated aluminum energy cores also offer some latent recovery, with extra latent recovery available with the new Dual Core Plus™ energy core option.

Tempeff’s dual core technology works by bringing the outdoor air in through one energy core and exhausting building air through another energy core. Every 60 seconds there are internal dampers that change the direction of flow across the energy cores, and the outdoor air is then drawn in through the pre-heated core. This style of heat recovery does not require defrost protection even in extreme climates, and energy cores are ‘self cleaning’ by the frequent change in airflow direction.

Unit configurations and options are customizable based on job requirements, please work with Riada Sales for assistance in specifying Tempeff on your next energy efficient building!