PVI is located in Fort Worth, TX and has been manufacturing high-end commercial/institutional water heaters for 60 years.  These long-lasting water heaters are made with AquaPLEX duplex stainless steel and are ASME certified & stamped vessels.  

PVI specializes in offering the longest warranties available in the industry, accomplished by using AquaPLEX engineered lean duplex stainless steel tanks and heat exchanger components.  Duplex SS is a mix between austenitic (300 series) and ferritic (400 series) stainless steels, that contains the benefits from both.  300 series stainless (like the commonly used 316L) is easier to use in manufacturing, but on its own is subject to stress-chloride cracking with heated & chlorinated domestic water.  With 400 series added to the mix, it offers extra strength to the material preventing stress-chloride cracking.  Once built, every AquaPLEX tank is pickled & passivated to clean & finish the surfaces which is a crucial step in ensuring their longevity.   

Tank warranty on gas-fired models with integrated fire-tube heat exchangers is 15 years, and on all other models is 25 years.   

PVI’s tanks do not require a lining and therefore do not require anode rods, minimizing the required maintenance over time.  Anodes are a sacrificial metal designed to slow down the inevitable corrosion of glass-lined carbon steel tanks.  The requirement of an anode rod is a warning that the tank in question is prone to corrosion & failure!