Tired of replacing gas-fired water heaters every few years?  The PVI Conquest carries a 15-year warranty thanks to an un-lined duplex stainless steel tank & heat exchanger.  They outperform and outlast any competition making them the easy choice if you’re a long-term owner.  Failed water heaters can be costly to replace not just because of the product but because of the labour involved, and any damage the leaking water may have caused.  Stop replacing water heaters and choose the Conquest!

The PVI Conquest uses a single downward-firing pass for the flue gases.  This means there’s an easy exit for any condensate that forms in the heat exchanger.  We include a condensate neutralizer along with every condensing water heater.

Efficiency of the Conquest is between 97-99% thermal efficiency depending on firing rate.  Most units use a modulating gas burner to prevent short cycling and reduce gas consumption.  There’s a volute-less pump that circulates the water in the upper portion of the tank to ‘scrub’ heat from the heat exchanger surfaces, assisting in this high level of efficiency.  Piping the recirc line halfway up the tank also helps maintain a high level of efficiency by ensuring the coldest water at the bottom of the tank for the flue gas to pass by on its way out.

Trusted by stratas, school districts, restaurants, care homes and community centres across BC.  Every Conquest is an ASME stamped vessel.  No anode rods required.   

Some models in stock in Burnaby.  Contact us for pricing!  More PVI water heaters on our PVI product page.


  • High efficiency condensing gas-fired water heater 
  • 97-99% efficiency 
  • 100-130 gallon storage 
  • 200  1,000 MBH inputs 
  • Semi-instantaneous – low footprint, high recovery rates 
  • ASME Stamped, 15-year tank & heating surfaces warranty